From You Alone

From deep within, Your power resides. All forces of nature coincide.   From you alone Greatness transpires. Changes and growth move to inspire.   With love for Life, Harmony shines through. There’s peace for the world and all that’s true.   Find yourself to understand your power, the force that shines without need to riseContinue reading “From You Alone”

Challenges Make Life Meaningful

Oscar was born with a lisp and struggled when speaking in front of others. He grew up hearing whispered comments about his defect and became determined to make his own way to succeed. Oscar worked hard to include himself and challenge his defect. He joined speech contests and volunteered to interact with as many differentContinue reading “Challenges Make Life Meaningful”

A Karate Dream Come True

Since I was eight years old, I listened to my father talk passionately about martial arts and earnestly trying to convince my brother to join. I recall thinking it was strictly for males, yet I was interested in the spiritual aspect of martial arts. I admired the determination demonstrated as martial artists performed and IContinue reading “A Karate Dream Come True”

Believe in You Today

Jasmine recalled her life with epilepsy and how seizures constantly countered her plans. For every detailed plan constructed, a seizure inevitably altered her vision of success. Jasmine lived most of her life expecting failure and compromise, trying her best to accept what came. Two years after epilepsy resided, Jasmine wanted to follow her dreams butContinue reading “Believe in You Today”

The Barrier of Denial

Tessa loved to draw and never pursued her passion for art. In retirement, she started painting, scared to share her work with others. She trusted only her son, Adrian. Holding a piece of her art, she said, ” What do you think?  I think it could be better, this didn’t capture the tree properly.” AdrianContinue reading “The Barrier of Denial”