The Art of Believing

The art of believing isn’t only about having belief, it’s also about maintaining our belief amidst whatever life throws our way. Dedication demonstrated to our belief builds our bond with it and gives room for the belief to be part of us. Believe first Flow with adversity Make time to touch base with your beliefsContinue reading “The Art of Believing”


What is perseverance and is it a valuable quality to attain? Within the Journey of Life, perseverance is the ability to continue the journey despite the obstacles that emerge. A perseverant individual possesses a persistent spirit and is willing to endure the diverse experiences that life offers them. With the mentality to proceed, an individualContinue reading “Perseverance”

You Can Do Anything

Inspired by the thought, “If you’ve got passion and your heart’s in it, you can do anything.” Anything, You can conquer it. All you need is heartfelt passion. When it’s your dream, It’s your success. Any skill, That makes your heart sing. Regardless of what people say, Is yours alone, Is part of you.

My Identity is a Superpower–Not an Obstacle

Listening to America Ferrara’s experience reminds me of the obstacles that exists when we think we live to impress. She reminds me of the importance of courage and what we choose to believe in the outcome of our lives. Living as we are and in what we believe is what will shape our reality.