Hybrid of experience Holistic awakening Healing to move forth anew Happiness, sensing freedom Herald of new beginnings Heightening of awareness Harmonizing with what is   When thinking of ‘hatching’, I tend to immediately think of young life breaking out of an egg. I’ve learned that throughout life we are reborn many times to shed whateverContinue reading “Hatching”

New Beginnings

New beginnings after darkness Paves the way for new happiness Time to let go, begin anew Go figure out what’s right for you. Accept all that is happening Be open to new beginnings   Reality flows like water Ride the waves to find what matters Adventure the new heights and dive Be grateful that youContinue reading “New Beginnings”

Night to Morning, Morning to Night

Night Dark, dormant Ending, sleeping, revitalizing Closure, mystery, adventure, arrival Beginning, awakening, invigorating Significant, bright Morning And each day is Morning Significant, bright Beginning, awakening, invigorating Arrival, adventure, mystery, closure Revitalizing, sleeping, ending Dormant, dark Night