Southern Wave

Beneath water waves Eyes of Life beneath, peeking Amazing beauty Creatures that share Mother Earth Companions of Life Filled with wonder to survive Share compassion all around. This painting, Southern Wave, by Theresa Hardjana, inspired me to think of the wildlife in our oceans. I’ve never explored these waters but I love to imagine theContinue reading “Southern Wave”

Beauty or Wealth

A perspective you choose to trust; Be pretty and wealthy, a must. Are you happy following trends? Is it true success that it lends? Always listen to your heart and be respective Decide after reflecting on a perspective Start from within before you strive, Search your heart for an inner drive. Hardships are always possible,Continue reading “Beauty or Wealth”

After Abundance

Photo by Andreas Haslinger on Unsplash After a season filled with abundance, Fulfillment’s craved and lingers in our hearts. -Life feels barren to prevent redundance- The shift for balance forces us to part, Our hearts know it’s the time for a new start. Start from the ground up to reawaken. Don’t let the barren feelContinue reading “After Abundance”