Positivity isn’t about being immediate to shut off or alter negative thoughts because how would the positive be recognized without a full picture? In my updated opinion, I believe positivity is about slowing down in hardship to embrace what is. When the situation feels overwhelming, then positivity is a conscious choice to step back toContinue reading “Positivity”

Slowly Centering Back

Straying from a solid center, Searching for an equilibrium in the unknown. Caught in transformations that go beyond Slowly centering back into a connection filled with value and safety As in all journeys of growth, we tend to stray from what is already there to learn from the unknown. We aim for a new balanceContinue reading “Slowly Centering Back”

Remain in Synch

Sometimes, with too many issues to raise Finding the right answer becomes a duel Though with good intentions to be in sync There’s no avoidance of life feeling dual With all the comparisons, our souls sink Succumbing to darkness, waiting for rays On a brand new day, the sun shines it’s rays From the comfortContinue reading “Remain in Synch”

Letting Duality Go

Venture out, Venture deep Let the darkness, in you, seep. Don’t correct, Just respect, Let the strength, from within, speak. Listen hard Be open, Let the truth, to you, shine bright. The dualities created in our perceptions become challenging barriers. Venture away from set-perceptions, try not to correct and just listen. Embrace darkness and lightContinue reading “Letting Duality Go”

Balance the Light

Beyond the darkness, There is a light Though, currently, It’s out of sight Into the unknown, To find what is Tread carefully Love the abyss Expand horizons To capture more Embrace it all Go and explore Appreciate all And you’ll unite Accept darkness Balance the light As life changes, darkness is again near. This, too,Continue reading “Balance the Light”