Follow What Showers Success

In honor of World Sparrow Day Inspired by content from Cherish the time you possess, Focus on what adds value, Follow what showers success. Listen for the whispers that are true, Embrace life with honesty, Focus on what adds value. Approach what you face with creativity, Be wise in how you spend your energy,Continue reading “Follow What Showers Success”

Find Balance and Fairness in Any Resolution

Inspired by content found at Despite the necessity of taking one step at a time, There is more than one way of looking at things. Make a choice for the moment, Find balance and fairness in any resolution. There is more than one way of looking at things, Let go of your fear. FindContinue reading “Find Balance and Fairness in Any Resolution”

Performance Show: Spoken Word Poetry

This is a poem I posted in 2019 about my experience with mental health. My life with neurological problems gave me my moments. Balance is hard to keep when you believe the positive and are fed the negative, the contrast too overwhelming to bear. I believe that moments of mental madness are passages to realization.Continue reading “Performance Show: Spoken Word Poetry”