Positivity isn’t about being immediate to shut off or alter negative thoughts because how would the positive be recognized without a full picture? In my updated opinion, I believe positivity is about slowing down in hardship to embrace what is. When the situation feels overwhelming, then positivity is a conscious choice to step back toContinue reading “Positivity”

When You’re Open to Learn

To correct is assuming perfect, -Denying not-knowing- Listening without respect, Too caught up in proving. Open the realm of your attention, Absorb the various gifts to earn. You decide what’s worthy for retention. There is no perfect when you’re open to learn. Failure isn’t a flaw against you, It’s a charm to add to character.Continue reading “When You’re Open to Learn”

Remain Conscious to Choose

Waking to the sun in a sky so blue, While sitting and enjoying cereal. Thoughts cascading as one silently chews, Calendar has days in a serial. The page could simply flip if the wind blew, Which month to prefer if we’re told to choose? So many decisions from which to choose, Enjoyment first to preventContinue reading “Remain Conscious to Choose”