What does it mean to be authentic and what purpose can it serve an individual? Being authentic is to be a genuine person who is confident to assert their true nature. Authenticity expresses an unquestionable assurance in character and it’s favorable because it emanates a trustworthy, honest virtue that isn’t tainted by falsehood. An authenticContinue reading “Authentic”

Recognize Your Authenticity

Throughout high school, Yanis over-exerted himself to fit in his class. He strove to be recognized and, as graduation approached, he felt empty thinking of his accomplishments. One afternoon, his teacher approached him, “Congratulations, Yanis, on making valedictorian! You’ve achieved greatly these past four years.” Yanis looked down and nodded his head. ” What’s wrong,Continue reading “Recognize Your Authenticity”

Be Vulnerable

Visibility of true self, to uphold authenticity. Unarmored and open to accept the gifts of life. Love and compassion to guide your perceptions, Naked truths to discover the roots of reality. Emotional awareness to make conscious decisions, Release of control to respect the flow of life. Accountable shame that shapes who you are; Birth ofContinue reading “Be Vulnerable”