You Can Connect

You can connect without being professional Knowledge isn’t the only power It starts with intention And grows with faith You can connect without being famous Abundant attention isn’t the only way It speaks with action And progresses with patience You can connect without full understanding A seed takes time to grow It starts with aContinue reading “You Can Connect”

Twenty Nine Years

Twenty nine years of dealing with neurology It’s time I give my past experiences a eulogy   What began as epilepsy Filled my life with adversity Encouragement to search spiritually Training to accept each moment individually   Authenticity became the way Perseverance practiced every day Hope and love helped me proceed I’m lucky I didn’tContinue reading “Twenty Nine Years”

Our Thoughts Have Relevance

“It doesn’t matter what others have thought or said; what truly matters are the thoughts within our own head.” We are all be met with an abundance of thoughts and words reacting to our person but within the journey of life, the thoughts and words that others have had will not decide for our person.Continue reading “Our Thoughts Have Relevance”

Be Authentic!

Be authentic! Stick to your values creatively. When met with a challenge, Accept and consider all openly.   Stick to your values creatively, Be prepared for more change. Accept and consider all openly; Be bold and try what’s strange.   Be prepared for more change, Gather all and work from your core. Be bold andContinue reading “Be Authentic!”