Through Friendship

Through their chirps, They convey A perspective beyond compare.   Through our bond, I’m grateful For the friendship we always share.   Through each day, We converse Strengthening our devoted care.   Through friendship, We survive Life’s daily wonder and warm flare.   Inspired by Jackie Hulbert’s artwork entitled, ‘Conspiring with Ravens’ for Tuesday PoeticsContinue reading “Through Friendship”

Take a Step Forth

Artwork by Mary Frances Above and beyond the mountain climb, Hope calls with encouragement to persevere. Though it could be rough and dangerous, Promise resonates over fear.   Imagine yourself up above like the sky, Floating free with contentment and love. Feeling courageously assured, From hardships, you will rise above.   Shy not from theContinue reading “Take a Step Forth”

Embroidery Art

To create a piece of embroidery art, many single stitches in various colors are required to complete the picture. At the start of the craft, a single stitch looks awkward on the full canvas, but, referring to the pattern, every stitch is a contribution. The patch of stitches in one color creates a definite imageContinue reading “Embroidery Art”