Christmas Gives Us the Opportunity

Inspired by “Christmas gives us the opportunity to pause and reflect on the important things around us.” -David Cameron Scrambling to prepare the perfect gathering Weaving in and out of store to capture the love to wrap Sentiments to adorn the occasion Remembering what may have been forgotten ~Christmas gives us the opportunity to pauseContinue reading “Christmas Gives Us the Opportunity”

Does Security Bring Tranquility?

Though people strive for security in their lives, I question if security will bring a person tranquility in the long run. Security is the feeling that makes us think we’re free from danger and people strive for it by trying to gain as much control over their life. The search for control often negates theContinue reading “Does Security Bring Tranquility?”

Appreciate All That Is

Inspired by “Make good use of your talents and resources. Give thanks for the bounty that surrounds your life now.” -Turkey Take notice of the gifts you’re offered, Give thanks for the bounty that surrounds. All is united in give and take, Make good use of your talents and resources. Make good use of yourContinue reading “Appreciate All That Is”

You are Enough, Just Be You

Just be you With your heart and soul Accomplish what you envision Want nothing more Become no less Not perfect, Room to come alive. Situations are for learning, Accept with grace, You are enough. No ideals, Experience life. Accept to continue to grow. No illusions, Reality. Change is growth Not-knowing is open Acceptance leads toContinue reading “You are Enough, Just Be You”