Strive for Adversity

Without hardship, We would not consider what we already have. Ease would goop into a lazy haze And hard earned skills would be forgotten. -Strive for adversity-   Without failure, We would glide and rise without knowing. Height would pressure us into a messy crumble And lessons would slip away to become unknown. -Strive forContinue reading “Strive for Adversity”

Twenty Nine Years

Twenty nine years of dealing with neurology It’s time I give my past experiences a eulogy   What began as epilepsy Filled my life with adversity Encouragement to search spiritually Training to accept each moment individually   Authenticity became the way Perseverance practiced every day Hope and love helped me proceed I’m lucky I didn’tContinue reading “Twenty Nine Years”

What Animals are Thinking and Feeling?

  Carl Safina points out many interesting facts that proves our similarities to other animals and inspires me to be more considerate to animals. His speech is an encouragement to erase the division between humans and animals. Animals are different in their ways, as different races are as well, yet we are all living andContinue reading “What Animals are Thinking and Feeling?”


Inner strength doesn’t radiate when a person is most proficient It’s displayed in the moments when we are most inefficient We will strive to demonstrate our competence But strength prevails when enduring impotence   Finality may appear to be the prize But it is the journey that assists you to realize Take the time toContinue reading “Adversity”

Strive and Survive

It’s an individual choice to strive and survive And there’s always opportunities to strive and survive.   Whether it be extreme or balanced, We search for answers and esteem, so we may strive and survive.   Under the rain storm or in the rainbow, It’s within our will to be our norm, continue to striveContinue reading “Strive and Survive”