Inner Strength

Inner strength doesn’t radiate when a person is most proficient, It’s displayed in the moments when we are most inefficient. They will strive to demonstrate their competence, But strength prevails when enduring impotence. Finality may appear to be the prize, But it is the journey that assists you to realize. Take the time to knowContinue reading “Inner Strength”

Joy of Independence

To love life requires much resilience, With an inner force and perseverance. An endless journey searching for intelligence, Success is in the choice for continuance. Only one will feel assurance, As they venture towards independence. It’s a dream to possess independence, An ambiguous gift obtained with resilience. The adventure begins without assurance, Requiring the willContinue reading “Joy of Independence”

Enjoy Endless Opportunities

Opportunities appear in adversity Open hearts will continue to see what life gives Illusions open doors to sites beyond the mind Engage all senses, heighten your abilities Search everywhere, not knowing what you will find Even what can’t be seen is existing and lives Accept all, enjoy endless opportunities