Every Journey is a Grand Adventure

What to think when diagnosed with illness? The end-goal wanted is recovery. No one feels ready for the adventure, Not certain they can last the whole journey. Along the way, they face uncertainty, Gather courage to make discovery. Each new venture offers discovery. Throughout, it feels like a mental illness, Body and soul plagued withContinue reading “Every Journey is a Grand Adventure”

Adventure Forth to Evolve

Inspired by: “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” -Anonymous Will I succeed going far? Will I accomplish a star? Is it true there is no bar? Am I strong to bear the scar? Questions always manifest, I will move and let them rest TakeContinue reading “Adventure Forth to Evolve”

Your Spirit Matters Most

It matters not the shape you form, It’s not important if you’re within sight. It’s your spirit that matters most, Let it fly free, open to shining bright. Support yourself with heartfelt intention, Give and live, no expectations. All is yours to share throughout When you feel appreciation Go explore without right or wrong VentureContinue reading “Your Spirit Matters Most”