A Dream Into Reality

It all starts with a dream with purpose, A vision that’s easily shaken by uncertainty. A seed in need of nourishment to grow, A sprout that requires attention to blossom. An eventual bloom that will mesmerize. ~ Have you ever finished an endeavor by stopping to review all the steps taken? ~ It ends asContinue reading “A Dream Into Reality”

Happy 2023!

Happy New Year! In celebration of a new year and eight years of my self-discovery, I’m dedicating January to my favorite trait: perseverance. I’m going to mix posts of old and new as a way of celebrating my full self and appreciating all that my life has offered me. May all New Year resolutions beContinue reading “Happy 2023!”

Accomplishment Without Credit

Adam loved to paint, his passion was to capture nature’s beauty and to inspire viewers to appreciate the world. He wasn’t concerned to earn from his work, he only wanted to enjoy his passion while providing inspiration. He started a blog to share his work and felt rewarded with every like or comment received. ItContinue reading “Accomplishment Without Credit”