It’s the Thought That Counts

It’s the thought that counts The intentions that matter We cannot make predictions On the ways that will flatter   Good and positive The best ways for one to lead Even in times of errors Try to use it as a seed   Many things happen That can cause us confusions We may become defensiveContinue reading “It’s the Thought That Counts”

It Isn’t Easy to be Misunderstood

It isn’t easy to be misunderstood So different than all the rest It’s hard to know nothing helps Even when trying my best This is the way I was born The way I was meant to be Is there someone else the same? Someone who can also see? I do not wish to change meContinue reading “It Isn’t Easy to be Misunderstood”

Belief in Me

To offer belief in me Shows that they care However the strength of their belief Is quite a scare   Acceptance of their care Is a responsibility For a person who can and cannot A person with changing abilities   Changes happen Constantly day to day Expecting others to know Can never be the way  Continue reading “Belief in Me”


Disability. Is that an inability? No. It is a Challenge To live your life differently.   It can be a scare, To people that are unaware. Give yourself knowledge, Disability becomes a dare   Be yourself the best, Acceptance will put fears to rest. Disability? Conquer your personal life’s quest.   This was a poemContinue reading “Disability”