My Past Stands Behind Me: Spoken Word

My past stands behind me. An illumination that guides, No longer a shadow that haunts, A reminder to never again choose to hide. ~My past stands behind me~ A constant force inside, Now a light that isn’t here to taunt, The child in me with whom I can confide. My past stands behind me, AContinue reading “My Past Stands Behind Me: Spoken Word”

You are Enough, Just Be You

Just be you With your heart and soul Accomplish what you envision Want nothing more Become no less Not perfect, Room to come alive. Situations are for learning, Accept with grace, You are enough. No ideals, Experience life. Accept to continue to grow. No illusions, Reality. Change is growth Not-knowing is open Acceptance leads toContinue reading “You are Enough, Just Be You”

Success is in the Experience of the Beholder

As I ponder the various perspectives on success, I believe that success is an art and can only be determined by the beholder. We’re surrounded by stories about what success is but each person holds different tales in their mind and through experience, they will determine if it is a success for their person. I’mContinue reading “Success is in the Experience of the Beholder”

You Cannot Care for the World if You’re not Cared For

You cannot care for the world if you aren’t cared for Heed the call to connect while keeping your boundaries respected Make choices with heartfelt intentions When it’s not in control, step back to accept it You cannot care for the world if you aren’t cared for Life outcomes aren’t always as expected Embrace andContinue reading “You Cannot Care for the World if You’re not Cared For”