But I Know that You are Hurting

I see venom in your eyes, I see tension in your fists And I feel your walls erecting. -But I know that you are hurting- I feel condemned by your words, I feel motivation to turn the other way And I see no hope in your being. -But I know that you are hurting- IContinue reading “But I Know that You are Hurting”

Life of a Flower

It isn’t the garden in which I was raised Nor the abundance that nourished me in my young days It was my acceptance of the resources given And my love for light that kept me striven I could never complain of the rain that cleansed They were loving kisses, I sensed Though my home wasContinue reading “Life of a Flower”

Don’t Try to Understand Everything

Inspired by 2 Anonymous quotes: “Don’t try to understand everything. Sometimes it’s not meant to be understood, but to be accepted.” & “Sometimes when things are falling apart they may be falling into place.” Sometimes it’s not meant to be understood. The winds whisper in their panicked frenzy And it asks for nothing, But toContinue reading “Don’t Try to Understand Everything”

Let’s Love Turbulence

Inspired by “Turbulence is life force. It is opportunity. Let’s love turbulence and use it for change.” -Ramsey Clark The Life force sweeps the Earth as a hurricane Wreaking havoc and despair How is one to grasp their opportunity? Let’s love turbulence When all is upturned, one can see what’s hidden Jewels and treasures ShiningContinue reading “Let’s Love Turbulence”

Lasting Peace and True Tranquility

Inspired by: “To have lasting peace and true tranquility, we must have commotion first.”-Taliesin & “In every job, relationship or life situation there is inevitably some turbulence. Learn to laugh at it. It is part of what you do and who you are.” -Allen Klein To have lasting peace and true tranquility In every job,Continue reading “Lasting Peace and True Tranquility”