Savor the Fruits of Your Labor

Inspired by content from and in honor of World Bee Day Time to sort out the clutter, Take a moment to prioritize goals. There is promise of fulfillment if you pursue, Savor the fruits of your labor. Take a moment to prioritize goals, Have intentions focused on a clear path, Enjoy the sweetness thatContinue reading “Savor the Fruits of Your Labor”

Great Abundance is Upon You

In honor of World Hippopotamus Day. Inspired by content from If you have become bored with your life, You have the creative power to stir things up Find contentment and satisfaction in your wealth Great abundance is upon you. Great abundance is upon you, Take time to dream your dreams. You have the creativeContinue reading “Great Abundance is Upon You”

Life Continues On

Life continues on, Wonders offered, a present. Wherever does it begin or end? So many great gifts to discover. So many great gifts to discover, Many mysteries to unravel. Wonders offered, a present, Thou cannot keep asking for more. Thou cannot keep asking for more, Abundance deserves time to enjoy. Many mysteries to unravel, FindContinue reading “Life Continues On”

Let More Love Flow Through You

Inspired by “Understand that abundance is a flow through energy and not about holding anything or counting anything, because that is when it becomes finite and you are expressing infinite energy.” -Steve Rother Let more love flow through you Make its abundance more true Hold nothing when you feel blue Become love and see itContinue reading “Let More Love Flow Through You”