Search for Eternal Enjoyment

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
There can be more than one way to resolve a problem, 
Time is a variable to consider. 
Individual matter influences the whole,
What was may not be what is,
Enjoying the moment is more beneficial than foreseeing what may come.

I write this poem reflecting on how reactive humanity can be when discovering a solution. When it works and there's evidence to support it, humans can be quick to latch on and close off to other variables. We want to learn and know but we aren't meant to become Gods in control. There’s always more to consider.

Whispers Before a Journey

Which way do you want to go?
Where do you want to arrive?
What do you wish to experience?
What do you hope to remember of the journey?

Where do you want to arrive?
Choices go beyond a physical destination,
There's much offered to create an evolution.

What do you wish to experience?
There's always much to view and listen for,
Options are infinitely offered.

What do you hope to remember of the journey?
Unite what was to what is,
Gather all gifts from your journey and offer back what has become.

Thinking about goal setting, I realize that no matter how finely planned we make it, there is always more to be met and infinite ways to become. The results may not be what we envisioned but we have the power to understand it, evolve and share it back into the world.

Appreciate the Beauty of What Is

Tests confirm its existence,
Dread manifests as armor.
Wish not upon what isn't,
Appreciate the beauty of what is.

What may become is not yet here,
Don't live as if it were. 
Wish not upon what isn't,
Appreciate the beauty of what is.

What has been traveled no longer challenges,
Don't relive to recognize.
Wish not upon what isn't,
Appreciate the beauty of what is.

I write this poem in reflection to the changes occurring in my eyes due to a genetic disease. I knew I had Retinis Pigmentosa from a young age, but I chose to not fret over it until I had to face it. My time comes now because I can place one challenge behind me to face what's next. Life challenges offer so much, even when we're unknowing. It's important to not be reactive with fear to fuel the worst. Appreciate the whole picture and flow with the changes.

A Dream Into Reality

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash
It all starts with a dream with purpose,
A vision that's easily shaken by uncertainty.
A seed in need of nourishment to grow,
A sprout that requires attention to blossom.
An eventual bloom that will mesmerize.

~ Have you ever finished an endeavor by stopping to review all the steps taken? ~

It ends as a dream that evolved,
A reality that materialized with persistent effort.
A nourished seed that became a prized plant,
An attended sprout that now reaches out beyond.
Eventually, a bloom stored in the gallery of memories.

I wrote this poem thinking about how we tend to forget the various steps and efforts made to reach our accomplishments. With the rush that surrounds us, it's easy to overlook the various accomplishments made in a single endeavor that adds to our reality. It doesn't become a part of our reality until we acknowledge it for its full worth.

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