In Times of Need

In times of need

You’ve come to exceed

All my expectations


When I feel lonely

You prove that I only

Have to look your way


When anger consumes me

You show me how to be

Forgiving in my ways


When love is there

We’re showing we care

That is how life should be


This was a poem written at a time when my husband and I were getting to know each other. As I looked back upon our time I was able to see how he impressed me and surprised me with the way he handled my seizures. He helped me to discover that in times when I feel alone, I just had to look to him for a friend. In times of confusion, when my seizures overwhelmed me, I lashed out at others with anger without even realizing it. Watching how he handled those times with love taught me to be more forgiving. Seeing all the love that my partner gave me inspired me to live my life with love and care. Together we decided that love and care was what we wanted for our lives together.



My Thoughts Lie with You

My thoughts lie with you

Even when we’re apart

Thoughts of getting back to you

Are filling up my heart


We will never truly be apart

For our hearts are still together

We may not be side by side

But together we are forever


I look forward to going home to you

I love to know that you are waiting

I’m looking forward to hugs and kisses

Our reunion I’m anticipating


This was a poem that I wrote when my partner and I were separated due to schooling. My thoughts were on him even though I hadn’t seen him in days. As vacations approached the idea of seeing him was filling my mind and helping me to find more happiness. As I started to think of him more I realized that we were never truly apart because our hearts were together. We were not physically side by side but we were still together.

I looked forward to going home to him and I loved knowing that he waited for me. I looked forward to having more hugs and kisses with him. A reunion where we could be physically side by side was a true gift for my heart.

Belief in Me

To offer belief in me

Shows that they care

However the strength of their belief

Is quite a scare


Acceptance of their care

Is a responsibility

For a person who can and cannot

A person with changing abilities


Changes happen

Constantly day to day

Expecting others to know

Can never be the way


Acceptance has to come from the self

Though wished for from friends and family

It’s important to maintain my given beliefs

I need to love and care for the person that is me


This poem was a small reflection on how I was feeling about people’s belief in me. There are times when my Epileptic Seizures overwhelm me and I wonder why it is not an obvious bother to other people. As others continue to show faith in me I get scared that I will not be able to live up to their beliefs. The idea of accepting their faith feels like an acceptance to work harder alone at a time when I am feeling like I need help.

I have to remind myself that changes for me will happen constantly and as obvious as it may feel to me, others do not see it or know about it as easily. Acceptance of my person must always come first from my person. As much as my seizures make me feel like I will need care from another person, it is my responsibility to know of my needs and care for my person first. Without being told of my needs I cannot expect another person to know. Changing abilities are challenges given to a person to help them grow and discover their actual person. Belief from others is proof of the love that the world does have for us, even if it makes us feel alone in our journey.



Is that an inability?

No. It is a Challenge

To live your life differently.


It can be a scare,

To people that are unaware.

Give yourself knowledge,

Disability becomes a dare


Be yourself the best,

Acceptance will put fears to rest.


Conquer your personal life’s quest.


This was a poem that I wrote to express how I felt about having Epileptic Seizures in my life. I had spoken to others with a similar situation, they chose to be scared and dependent but I did not want to join them. I looked at my slight disability as a challenge for me to live my life differently.

As I started to think of some of my differences I was reminded of how my situation is a scare and confusion to people who are uninformed. When one is given the knowledge, I find that they are more prepared to face the challenge. This is why I try to inform strangers of my situation from the start. I wish for the people around me to welcome their experience and learn in an open, knowledgeable environment.

When open and honest everyone feels more open to learn, accept and lower their fears.


A New Adventure

A new adventure

For new people I meet

To see a seizure

When I have a seat


They look in question

And they often ask why

Looks of confusion

As they see me try


It happens to inform

Give new lessons to learn

It helps thoughts to be reformed

Have purpose and return


This was a poem that was inspired by the caring and loving people I meet in this world. I recalled looks of question and confusion that used to worry me but, through, experience I have been able to see how helpful it has been to the world for me to live with my medical condition openly.

I have been able to hear from others how informative I have been. Even other people, with the same condition in their life, have told me how they have learned. Through being open I have been able to learn that when a person is not informed, I am a scare to them. With the proper information those same people have been able to erase their fears and become more courageous for discovering.  Everybody can fear the unknown but, with knowledge, everybody can feel secure and open to learn.

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