Personal Speciality

Not wished upon any other
For it can be quite a bother
Not a challenge to have, for all
Though it can appear a bit small
Not a major importance to be looked upon
And a life challenge on others, not wished upon

It offers one new perspectives
It’s a help to be respective
Source of originality
Personal Speciality
A situation that one would want to have shunned
But lots of rewards and lessons it offers one

This was a poem inspired to me at a time when I wondered why I was a person with Epileptic Seizures. As much as I wished for full understanding from other people I knew that it was not something I would ever want to wish upon another. As personalities were looked upon it helped me to realize that not all challenges are for all to have. The challenge a person encounters may not be fit for me to have, just as the ones given to me are more fitting for me. Personal challenges have a great effect on one’s life but it does not have to be made a major importance or a challenge that others have to experience.

Different experiences offers people new perspectives for them to share. To be able to respectively compare the situations is a way to be able to see how fitting it is for the person. Difference is a source of originality and with time to experience, it creates a Personal Speciality. Challenges create situations that feel hard and it is easy to want to rid the situation but when we allow it to take its course we are met with valuable lessons that are great rewards in our life.

It Isn’t Easy to be Misunderstood

It isn’t easy to be misunderstood
So different than all the rest
It’s hard to know nothing helps
Even when trying my best

This is the way I was born
The way I was meant to be
Is there someone else the same?
Someone who can also see?

I do not wish to change me
I just wish for understanding
I do not wish to feel so alone
I wish to be with others, to fit in

Where was I meant to be in this world?
The role that I was meant to play?
How can I find understanding?
Can’t someone just come and say?

I wish for my questions to be answered
To find the role meant to be played
I wish to fit in with others
To not always require an aid

This was a poem inspired to me as I reflected upon my experiences with my epileptic seizures. I often feel misunderstood and different than the rest. I find it hard to accept that I don’t have anything that can help me with my difference, even when I continuously put my best efforts in. I always have to remember that this is the way that I was born, which means it is the way I was meant to be. I wish to meet another person who is exactly the same and who can fully understand my thoughts.

Even though I am searching for understanding, change is not what I wish for. I wish to be with others, to fit in and not feel so alone. I am searching to understand where I belong in this world and what role I was meant to play. I wish someone could just come to me and tell me.

I am a person who wishes to find the answers to her questions, to discover the role I was meant to play. I wish to find my place with others and I do not want to always require an aid from others. To reach my goals it is up to my person to accept her given life and work to find her place. Answers cannot be given to me by another, only help in my journey can be provided. As much as I wish to find answers from another I have to accept that it is up to my own person to find my answers.

My Epilepsy


As frustrating as it can be

I have to accept that it is a part of me

Wherever I may want to go

It is something that will show

My epilepsy


I have often tried to deny

I have often needed to rely

Help is a word I use

Help is something I cannot refuse

To me, many cautions apply


This is not the end of my life

It is something to live with, a strife

I will still be able to succeed

As long as I choose to proceed

Epilepsy, not the center of my life

These are words that were written when I looked upon my life with the aim to accept having Epilepsy. I looked upon how I felt about it, how it had been affecting my life and, also, how I wanted to move forward. One of the things that helped me to continuously move forward is the belief that it is up to me to decide where my life goes. My life can sometimes get delayed and I can have moments when I feel extra challenged but, as long as I know what I want and stick to my goals, I will succeed and live a full life.  Life is quite a fruitful journey. =)

In Times of Need

In times of need

You’ve come to exceed

All my expectations


When I feel lonely

You prove that I only

Have to look your way


When anger consumes me

You show me how to be

Forgiving in my ways


When love is there

We’re showing we care

That is how life should be


This was a poem written at a time when my husband and I were getting to know each other. As I looked back upon our time I was able to see how he impressed me and surprised me with the way he handled my seizures. He helped me to discover that in times when I feel alone, I just had to look to him for a friend. In times of confusion, when my seizures overwhelmed me, I lashed out at others with anger without even realizing it. Watching how he handled those times with love taught me to be more forgiving. Seeing all the love that my partner gave me inspired me to live my life with love and care. Together we decided that love and care was what we wanted for our lives together.



My Thoughts Lie with You

My thoughts lie with you

Even when we’re apart

Thoughts of getting back to you

Are filling up my heart


We will never truly be apart

For our hearts are still together

We may not be side by side

But together we are forever


I look forward to going home to you

I love to know that you are waiting

I’m looking forward to hugs and kisses

Our reunion I’m anticipating


This was a poem that I wrote when my partner and I were separated due to schooling. My thoughts were on him even though I hadn’t seen him in days. As vacations approached the idea of seeing him was filling my mind and helping me to find more happiness. As I started to think of him more I realized that we were never truly apart because our hearts were together. We were not physically side by side but we were still together.

I looked forward to going home to him and I loved knowing that he waited for me. I looked forward to having more hugs and kisses with him. A reunion where we could be physically side by side was a true gift for my heart.

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