Between a Child and Mother

Love is an affection
That we share with another
Often an affection shared
Between a child and mother

As a mother’s love is shared
It is shared in many ways
Discipline and life lessons
To stick to in every day

There are times when Mom’s disliked
Met with misunderstanding
Fondness of her disappears
But love for her still standing

These are times for both to learn
To get to know each other
Love, still an affection shared
Between a child and mother

This was a poem that was inspired to me at a time when I was experiencing changes with my child. These changes happened at a time when I needed to get to know myself due to my Epileptic Seizures. At first I felt unloved and unwanted but as I got in touch with the changes in our lives I started to understand what was happening.

As a parent, it is very important to understand the difference between being loved and being liked. We share a strong love with our child but when they encounter our loving lessons they can end up not liking us. As much as being liked is wanted, sharing our love through our lessons is something that we must do as a parent. When our kids push us away, it can give us the feeling that we are unloved but that is not the case. Love from our kids still exists even in times when they do not like our role in their lives.

As we each enter a time in our lives to learn and grow, we each need to try new things to get to know ourselves. It can be a frustration for a parent to share their love and have it be refused but we must give our kids time to experience so that understanding can be found. We watch our kids learning but we must also allow ourselves to learn new lessons to get to know our kids. In times of learning and growth, for our child and for our person, it is still a time when we are sharing our love together in our own personal way.

Communication Can Be a Gift

Communication can be a gift
To inform, educate and even prevent
Reactions can be a big surprise
Often causing unwanted worries to relent

It is good to share your person
To be open and honest
Openness of your character
A key to put worries to rest

We are all here for a reason
Even if it is mysterious
Enjoy the life you are given
No need to only be serious

The use of communication is a true gift to be able to inform others, educate others and prevent misunderstandings with others. Sometimes the reactions we receive from others can be a surprise, ones that can help us to stop our worries. We cannot always know the outcome of our efforts but trying with proper reasons will always help to direct us in a wanted direction.

It can sometimes be a scare to share our person but when we choose to be open and honest, we are still headed in the proper direction. When a person chooses to be open with their character it puts a worry to rest and allows the chance to get to know each other to be easier and more rewarding.

We all have our own reason to be a part of this world. In times when we are discovering our place our reason can be mysterious. As we discover and experience, with the effort to get to know our person, we need to enjoy all the experiences we are given. It is best to experience all emotions and choose to never only remain serious. Enjoyment can be done with some laughs and a smile.

She is Still Growing

Try to remember
It’s not directed straight at you
It is just something that happens
Because life for her is new

She is still growing
And learning the ways for a life
She’s not always sure or ready
Actions can be unsteady

Remain forgiving
As you watch her many actions
You’ll have different emotions
Keep positive reactions

Don’t anger yourself
Allow the process of learning
Each path of growing may differ
You’re there for her to refer

This was a poem that was inspired by the changes I was experiencing with my toddler. As my daughter started to try different ways and learning what she could have, she appeared to want to do things against me. As much as she could appear to be against me I needed to remember that she was learning. I needed to prevent the belief that my daughter was trying to be against me.

As I started to remember that she was growing and learning new ways for her life, it helped me to understand that her actions will be unsteady because she is unsure. I was reminded that as a parent it is very important to remain forgiving. I am meant to watch her many ways and many emotions can come to me but it is also very important to maintain positive reactions to teach my daughter the proper lessons.

It is always best to not choose to be angered. In maintaining positive reactions, we are encouraging our children to learn and grow. Each child will have their own path for learning because every person is different. It is up to us parents to know which path we want to guide our children to. They may have moments when then they appear to reject our ways but we should always be ready to help our children when they need our help.

Your Actual Place

Submitted to dVerse

You’re on your own adventure
You’re on your own path
You run into many things
Even moments that are laughs

You often face challenges
Lessons that are great
Things that feel very new
But still a chance to relate

Don’t ever choose to give up
Your actual place
It’s a place for you to own
And then eventually ace

You’re an amazing person
With your wondrous ways
In challenges and lessons
And in every brand new day

This was a poem inspired to me as I reflected upon my life. It is very important for a person to accept that they choose their own separate adventure. The Life Path made for us was made specifically for our own person. As we aim to accomplish our own goals we often run into many things that can be a distraction to us, even times that feel more like laughs instead of the accomplishment we desire. We all face many challenges in life that are filled with great lessons. These are the times we are introduced new things in life that may take time to understand. When we are open to our lessons, we often are given a chance to relate and learn.

In new moments that are a challenge we should never choose to give up who we are or the goals that we want to work for. New things or places given to us are for us to own. Understanding may take a lot of time or require a lot of work but that does not erase its place with us. As we remain open to our lesson we are working to ace new things in our life.

A simple way of finding assurance that new lessons are meant for you is to remember that you are an amazing person when you truly are the person you’re meant to be. Every single person is blessed with a set of gifts that is their own and is able to perform in their own wondrous way. We all have our own ways to live and in each brand new day we are offered more challenges and lessons to help us be the best we can be. We should never choose to doubt our person, we just need to take life one day at a time.


Personal Speciality

Not wished upon any other
For it can be quite a bother
Not a challenge to have, for all
Though it can appear a bit small
Not a major importance to be looked upon
And a life challenge on others, not wished upon

It offers one new perspectives
It’s a help to be respective
Source of originality
Personal Speciality
A situation that one would want to have shunned
But lots of rewards and lessons it offers one

This was a poem inspired to me at a time when I wondered why I was a person with Epileptic Seizures. As much as I wished for full understanding from other people I knew that it was not something I would ever want to wish upon another. As personalities were looked upon it helped me to realize that not all challenges are for all to have. The challenge a person encounters may not be fit for me to have, just as the ones given to me are more fitting for me. Personal challenges have a great effect on one’s life but it does not have to be made a major importance or a challenge that others have to experience.

Different experiences offers people new perspectives for them to share. To be able to respectively compare the situations is a way to be able to see how fitting it is for the person. Difference is a source of originality and with time to experience, it creates a Personal Speciality. Challenges create situations that feel hard and it is easy to want to rid the situation but when we allow it to take its course we are met with valuable lessons that are great rewards in our life.

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