Don’t Rush the Process

Don’t rush the process,
Work only with what you have access.
If you want a full complete,
Don’t choose to skip or delete.

Work with every step,
Try to get all that you can get.
Enjoy all values you’re given,
It’s still best to have striven.

Success is not fast,
But it is something that can last.
We must know how to view it,
And take time to review it.

This is a reflection on the lessons I have learned in my recovery from brain surgery. As much as I am wanting to be able to do things independently, I can only work with what I have. I have to remember that if I want to fully recover, I cannot choose to skip or delete any of the steps along the way.
I have to work with every step, no matter how small it can feel, it is always best to get the most out of every small, hard step we take. We should all enjoy all that we are given and it is best when we know we have striven.
To reach success can be slow but when we reach it, we will have more confidence of it lasting when we know that we have worked for it. We need to keep our goals in our view and take some time to review them so we know what we are aiming for. It is always best to keep our focus and keep on trying. Success will be a true accomplishment after we complete all our needed steps to get there maintaining a positive and striven spirit.

Epileptic Falls

I wish to share with others who deal with Epilepsy in their lives how important it is to not ignore your Epileptic Falls.

Before the experience of my second brain surgery, I never realized the importance of preventing my falls and head injuries. It appeared great that I was able to get up and keep on going. .  It caused me to think that as long as I got up and gave my bruises time to heal, I did not actually hurt myself. I was motivated to keep on going but I was not truly able to know the damages my Epileptic Falls created.

In my second brain surgery, I got a stroke that caused me to lose the functions of the left-side of my body. At first I felt the doctor must have made a mistake but, as I received the chance to read my reports, I was able to learn that this stroke was a part of my inability to accept the dangers of my Epileptic Falls.

Falling like a tree, banging your head on concrete grounds, falling into walls, hitting your head on the corner of tables, falling down a flight of stairs or hitting your head on tile flooring are not falls to ignore just because you are able to get up and appear to heal. Those are damages to the brain that can build into further damages.

My recovery from the stroke may be slow right now but I have to admit that it is also because I am finally taking the time to recover from my many Epileptic Falls. It is important for a person to have the drive to keep on going after what they want for themselves but it is also greatly important for them to remember to care for themselves fully and completely. Let’s keep on going and not allow Epilepsy get in our way but please always remember to take any needed precautions to keep you at your best.

Life that is Seizure-Free

To live a life that is seizure-free

Is something that I want for me

Days without unexpected falls

No more worries for my family

It will be hard to reach the goal

But each step helps make it whole

I have a will to keep on going

And with effort,it will start showing

It feels like a dream in a far distance

But nothing happens in an instance

I have to keep on believing

Even when times appear deceiving

I can’t allow bad thoughts to rule me

I have to listen to what’s true to me

Allow all dreams to come true

Believe in them and have them continue

This is a poem I wrote while working on my recovery to help me remember why I was there and what I am working towards.

I agreed to have my brain surgery because I want to have a life that is seizure-free. I do not want to have any more days with unexpected falls and head injuries. I did not want to continue being a worry for my family.

This has been a hard goal to reach. Surgery was not a final step to make everything complete but it did take my seizures away and every small step has still been a help to get me closer to my wanted goal. I know that I want to keep on going and not give up. When I put an effort in to reach my goal, I am blessed to be shown a little bit of progress that helps me to know that that effort is valuable, even if it feels small.

Receiving the challenge of a stroke in my journey makes my goal feel far away but it is also a reminder that we should never expect to receive things instantly. We have to stay focused on what we want to work for and be the person who believes in our ability to reach it. Sometimes we run into times that make it appear like our goals will never be possible to reach but those are the times to stay focused and rebuild our beliefs.

Bad thoughts cannot be allowed to rule our minds. We have to stay focused on what is true to our person. When things are hard, we have to give our dreams a chance to come true, even when it is slow. When we focus and believe, we allow our goals to work out, teach us and make our dreams come true.

A Life of Your Choice

There are times when we come to wonder

Wonder what it’s all about

Answers come and go

Don’t choose to doubt


Enter the doors opened to you

Let the new lessons be taught

Accept gifts given

Learn a lot


Many outcomes will result from you

Based on your decisions made

A life of your choice

Efforts paid


The journey of life is a challenge

Filled with personal reward

Be open and strive

Move forward

It’s the Thought That Counts

It’s the thought that counts

The intentions that matter

We cannot make predictions

On the ways that will flatter


Good and positive

The best ways for one to lead

Even in times of errors

Try to use it as a seed


Many things happen

That can cause us confusions

We may become defensive

But don’t favor allusions


Lessons fill our lives

It’s up to us to accept

We’ll get many reactions

To all, we have to respect


It is a challenge

To let go of our own ways

Let’s take it as a lesson

To help us with future days


In all that happens

It’s always the thought that counts

Our intentions have meaning

All good actions will amount


This is a poem that was inspired when I was given reason to believe that trying matters. Being a person who experiences times when Epileptic Seizures prevent me, it is important for me to remember why I try to do what I do. “It’s the thought that counts.”

Sometimes we try the best we can but cannot predict if others will understand our intentions. It is very important for us to remain positive and, in times of misunderstanding, take our experience as a life lesson. Many things can happen in our lives that will cause us confusion. We may feel we need to be defensive for our person but it is still best to not give negative reactions any credit. Lessons fill our lives and it is up to our person to accept them. Even in times of misunderstanding, it is best for our person  to show respect for others and for the situation.

It can be a challenge to let go of our own ways but it is best to take it as a lesson. When we accept it now, we can start to know it for when we need it in our future days. It’s always the thought that counts in all that we do. Our intentions have meaning and good work shall amount in positive ways for our person.

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