Ideas are Seeds Shared

Ideas are seeds shared, Not always vital for growth, Yet, expressions to show that one cares. Spirit is love being distributed. Sometimes it appears clouded, Yet, always requires effort to contribute. Intentions are first steps, Toddle steps to make a difference, Yet, hold potential to grow with depth. I’ve lived my life feeling filled withContinue reading “Ideas are Seeds Shared”

You Can Connect

You can connect without being professional Knowledge isn’t the only power It starts with intention And grows with faith You can connect without being famous Abundant attention isn’t the only way It speaks with action And progresses with patience You can connect without full understanding A seed takes time to grow It starts with aContinue reading “You Can Connect”

Go Green

Many innovative ways to Go Green. Despite wanting abundance, please refuse. Purchase greatness, and remember, reuse. Foods you no longer eat, in compost, rots. Items can have double lives, recycle. Sometimes, it’s just too much stuff, please reduce. A small step that’s worthy is to reduce, Creative mindsets help us to Go Green. It’s notContinue reading “Go Green”