Learning and Growing Will Always Remain Constant

Constant exploration with ups and downs are grants Resetting goals and visions are necessary Change occurs whether you desire it or not Flow with the current to be what your life warrants Discover it all to know your personal lot Make allies in all, no harm from adversaries Learning and growing will always remain constant

We are Both Here to Discover

Guide me on my way Don’t tell me all the answers Be open to my blunders Stay steady with your love We are both here to discover As a mother, I imagine my child saying these words to me so she will have room for growth. As a child, I remember longing for the spaceContinue reading “We are Both Here to Discover”

Because It All Starts From Within

An egg hatches with new life, A baby is ready to explore and strive because it all starts from within. When facing what seems impossible, Connect with your spirit to find what’s plausible because it all starts from within. Everyone can make a difference, There is no set level of skill or intelligence because itContinue reading “Because It All Starts From Within”

The Greatest Threat to Our Planet

News broadcasts started raving about the upcoming International Ecological Summit being organized to get politicians to state their plans to save the planet. Geraldine was sitting amongst her high school friends, wondering about when and if the leaders of the world would place Mother Earth in high priority. “These politicians need to set some actionsContinue reading “The Greatest Threat to Our Planet”