I am Becoming: Spoken Word

I am becoming. I have no particular way to be, I follow what moves my heart with value. Change is inevitable, I won’t remain as you see me, I am becoming. I view my journey of life as a personal entity, I am moved to continually search for what feels true. What life is toContinue reading “I am Becoming: Spoken Word”

I am Slowly Becoming: Spoken Word

Every day is a new canvas, I accept that I don’t know. I live intending to discover, I will honor what is to continue flowing. I will honor what is to continue flowing, I am slowly becoming. I accept that I don’t know, To become is to continuously grow. To become is to continuously grow,Continue reading “I am Slowly Becoming: Spoken Word”

My Past Stands Behind Me: Spoken Word

My past stands behind me. An illumination that guides, No longer a shadow that haunts, A reminder to never again choose to hide. ~My past stands behind me~ A constant force inside, Now a light that isn’t here to taunt, The child in me with whom I can confide. My past stands behind me, AContinue reading “My Past Stands Behind Me: Spoken Word”

Your Disguises

Inspired by 2 Carl Jung quotes: “We meet ourselves time and again in a thousand disguises on the path of life.” “That which we do not confront in ourselves we will meet as fate.” To every new phase, there is a disguise, Tried on with curiosity and later replaced Some disguises linger as it speaksContinue reading “Your Disguises”