Acrostic Goals: Spoken Word Poetry

Gargantuan adventure to achieve, Elevating the need to succeed. Steep hills to hike, With determination to find what we like.   Obvious path of direction, Guiding towards a desired outcome. A treasure to obtain, While maintaining persistence to remain.   Administration of individual aspirations and qualities, Developing into fortuitous opportunities. Ample nourishment to grow andContinue reading “Acrostic Goals: Spoken Word Poetry”

Winter’s Beauty: Spoken Word Poetry

  As Winter shares beauty and icy chills We celebrate the end of a great year Joyous festivities spark our good will We share love with family in good cheer   Accepting the shivers that come visit We offer warm snacks and drinks to savor Warmth in togetherness, we elicit As we share meals ofContinue reading “Winter’s Beauty: Spoken Word Poetry”