Communication Can Be a Gift

Communication can be a gift To inform, educate and even prevent Reactions can be a big surprise Often causing unwanted worries to relent It is good to share your person To be open and honest Openness of your character A key to put worries to rest We are all here for a reason Even ifContinue reading “Communication Can Be a Gift”

She is Still Growing

Try to remember It’s not directed straight at you It is just something that happens Because life for her is new She is still growing And learning the ways for a life She’s not always sure or ready Actions can be unsteady Remain forgiving As you watch her many actions You’ll have different emotions KeepContinue reading “She is Still Growing”

Personal Speciality

Not wished upon any other For it can be quite a bother Not a challenge to have, for all Though it can appear a bit small Not a major importance to be looked upon And a life challenge on others, not wished upon It offers one new perspectives It’s a help to be respective SourceContinue reading “Personal Speciality”

It Isn’t Easy to be Misunderstood

It isn’t easy to be misunderstood So different than all the rest It’s hard to know nothing helps Even when trying my best This is the way I was born The way I was meant to be Is there someone else the same? Someone who can also see? I do not wish to change meContinue reading “It Isn’t Easy to be Misunderstood”