The Journey of Discovery

The journey of discovery. Turn over every stone, observe all pathways, Look under and in between what’s there. ~Don’t leave your passion for another day~ The journey of discovery, Try everything, even another way. Enjoy learning while all is bare, Curiosity always offers a new tray. The journey of discovery, To follow growth continually.

Each is Their Own Type of Warrior

Heed not the rants of a worrier, Stay open, for each is their own type of warrior. Hear stories to widen perspective, Make effort to not be subjective. Stay open, for each is their own type of warrior, Embark on the adventure that is yours alone. Make effort to not be subjective, Embrace experience andContinue reading “Each is Their Own Type of Warrior”

Care for Yourself

Inspired by content from and in honor of World Otter Day Care for yourself to be of use in others’ care, Accept what is in your life so you move forward. Allow freedom of comfort and relaxation, Don’t doubt the treasure of spirit in which you share. Give yourself time to rekindle your connections,Continue reading “Care for Yourself”

Experiences Remain My Treasure

I’m not meant for what I was anymore. Many goals accomplished when young and able, An abundance of ventures worthy due to curiosity. Home, maintained by another, felt stable, I’m not meant for what I was anymore. Not every desire and joy remain tenable, I must embrace change and accept reality. I will rejoice inContinue reading “Experiences Remain My Treasure”


Negativity. Focus on understanding to find balance, Too much of anything is hazardous. Duality is the breakdown of a whole, Both elements are required for completion. Don’t focus on eliminating negativity, Embrace it to find its purpose. I wrote this poem reflecting on how we’re encouraged to avoid negativity and the process I experience whenContinue reading “Negativity”