Embrace Fear and Follow It Forward

Don’t turn away from fear to avoid what is. Don’t scramble for explanation when it is only you that needs to understand. Open your heart to the realization, Drift amidst the storm trusting where it takes you. ~Fear indicates that you’re ready to go further~ Drift in the what-ifs fear presents. Open your heart toContinue reading “Embrace Fear and Follow It Forward”

Don’t Fear Dependence

Don’t fear dependence A form of love being shared Sharing, give and take When my journey began, my disability had me thinking that dependence was a weakness. I avoided it and wouldn’t receive help. Now, I know that receiving help is a way of letting others share their love. There is no weakness or strength,Continue reading “Don’t Fear Dependence”

Wonders of Life Offer Infinite Possibilities

Inspired after reading The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra Every problem is the seed of opportunity Don’t be attached, don’t manifest frustration Know your intentions, make it a purpose encompassing all Don’t waste energy, your life isn’t a presentation Every problem is the seed of opportunity The field of all possibilities isContinue reading “Wonders of Life Offer Infinite Possibilities”