What does it mean to be joyous and why do I believe it’s a desirable disposition for life? I believe that being joyous is to have the ability to enjoy the positive energy of life and remain content. A joyous state of mind is a desirable disposition for me because I prefer to experience lifeContinue reading “Joyous”


What is intention and why is it meaningful to have a clarified intention for living? An intention is a purpose that is determined by an individual that guides a path to success. In every action taken, it is meaningful to have a clarified intention because it helps to decipher adequate choices for living. When theContinue reading “Intention”


What is cooperation and how is it favorable in a community? Cooperation is the instance of working together for a common purpose. Cooperation is a favorable attribute in a community because it contributes to the respectful unity that binds an assortment of individuals together. Cooperation is the act to accept coinciding perspectives towards a goal.Continue reading “Cooperation”