You are Perfect in What You Wear

Where would you go to find the perfect thing to wear? Would a single store carry what you desire? What do you imagine for your full appearance? Are you after a look that would make others stare? Or are you looking for a new experience? You are worth so much more, beyond your attire. YouContinue reading “You are Perfect in What You Wear”

Can a Hole Become Whole?

I’m dedicating the last half of August to work using homonyms. I find that homonyms are fun in making a piece of work sound the same but have a different meaning. Homonyms help me to think outside the box and get creative with meaning. As an extra challenge, I’ve created a Homophonous poetry form. ThisContinue reading “Can a Hole Become Whole?”


Inspired by “Community is about finding those champions who believe in you when it is hard to believe in yourself.” -Karen Danudjaja, Co-Founder and CEO of Blume When it’s hard to believe in yourself, Curiosity sets the path to search beyond. It’s a time when others are needed, When a community would fill missing piecesContinue reading “Community”

Persistent Hard Work

Natalie joined a political party to get educated and involved in community issues. Society made politics sound like the only way to make a difference and she wanted to know if this was true. The party Natalie joined was fairly new and were working hard to get known in their community. The members worked hard,Continue reading “Persistent Hard Work”