Nintai: Perseverance

Nintai: adherence to your decided course of action. It represents perseverance, patience and endurance A smile amidst the strokes of communication Climbing out to endure what is Openly facing yet another day Ready to grow and become. Adhere to the choice of your heart Meet whatever opposes you with wonder There‚Äôs always more to discoverContinue reading “Nintai: Perseverance”

The Act of Love

Love. Give and take, the way of sharing divine love. It weaves in and out, celebrating with all it meets. Leaving nothing untouched, it knows no exclusion. Unconditional, there’s no below or above. Spread it around, all is worthy of inclusion. It’s a simple gift, add it to your daily feats. Universal, in many forms,Continue reading “The Act of Love”

Be One with Life

Waking up Open eyes to new Commence with curiosity Find what’s hidden Grow into more Living life Accepting what comes Judge only what enlightens you Expand your view Move with Life’s gifts Know to rest Give thanks for what passed Absorb it all with gratitude Be one with Life Give to receive Let it passContinue reading “Be One with Life”

My Past Stands Behind Me: Spoken Word

My past stands behind me. An illumination that guides, No longer a shadow that haunts, A reminder to never again choose to hide. ~My past stands behind me~ A constant force inside, Now a light that isn’t here to taunt, The child in me with whom I can confide. My past stands behind me, AContinue reading “My Past Stands Behind Me: Spoken Word”

What Seems to Be May Not Be

Though appearing like perfection, what seems to be may not be. Comforted by knowledge, though what seems to be may not be. Motivated to strive for success, Inspired by what others already possess, what seems to be may not be. Working hard to avoid uncertainty, Growing fears of adversity, but what seems to be mayContinue reading “What Seems to Be May Not Be”