We are a Seed Amidst the Darkness of Soil

Our needs are met through the soil, Its darkness offers paths to meet with light. It is in darkness that we follow what calls, And make a search for what’s bright. The path through soil feels trying and uncertain, It is with faith that we don’t lose sight. Hope pulls us to the surface, ItContinue reading “We are a Seed Amidst the Darkness of Soil”

Enjoy Endless Opportunities

Opportunities appear in adversity Open hearts will continue to see what life gives Illusions open doors to sites beyond the mind Engage all senses, heighten your abilities Search everywhere, not knowing what you will find Even what can’t be seen is existing and lives Accept all, enjoy endless opportunities

You Can Do Anything

Inspired by the thought, “If you’ve got passion and your heart’s in it, you can do anything.” Anything, You can conquer it. All you need is heartfelt passion. When it’s your dream, It’s your success. Any skill, That makes your heart sing. Regardless of what people say, Is yours alone, Is part of you.

Love Will Continue Trying

Maddened am I when you appear maddened Confused spirits, your response is confused Saddened is all when your ways are saddened Refused by myself, you all but refused Darkness ascends as your love’s in darkness Hope fades as there’s no more light to fuel hope Wholeness is lost in the search for wholeness Scope ofContinue reading “Love Will Continue Trying”

Take a Week Off for Vacation

Take a week off for vacation, You can create peace. By choosing to take a piece of time, You will return strong and not weak. You will return strong and not weak, Beauty rose among the rows of events. You can create peace, By not choosing negativity as your grate. By not choosing negativity asContinue reading “Take a Week Off for Vacation”