We are Sharing in the Life That Sustains

Under your branches, -Amidst the singing leaves- I am cooled by your shadow As we share our breath. I am taking from you, As you are giving to me, We are sharing in the life that sustains. Divinity starts within your roots, -Shared in the air that surrounds- I am enchanted by your beauty AndContinue reading “We are Sharing in the Life That Sustains”

Slowly Centering Back

Straying from a solid center, Searching for an equilibrium in the unknown. Caught in transformations that go beyond Slowly centering back into a connection filled with value and safety As in all journeys of growth, we tend to stray from what is already there to learn from the unknown. We aim for a new balanceContinue reading “Slowly Centering Back”

When You’re Open to Learn

To correct is assuming perfect, -Denying not-knowing- Listening without respect, Too caught up in proving. Open the realm of your attention, Absorb the various gifts to earn. You decide what’s worthy for retention. There is no perfect when you’re open to learn. Failure isn’t a flaw against you, It’s a charm to add to character.Continue reading “When You’re Open to Learn”