Resist Assistance and Experience Your Brilliance

“There are many ways to get assisted; for your growth, try to resist it.”- Astrid Hardjana-Large There can be many ways to find assistance that will make us feel like we have reached our goal but there is only one person with whom we can truly work with to fully reach our wanted accomplishment andContinue reading “Resist Assistance and Experience Your Brilliance”

Excessive Imagination

With an excessive amount of imagination How is a mother to have any resignation? Understanding is not found within the many creations But still I feel an appreciation Without my child my spirit would not feel this elevation   Parenting a young child full of imagination is quite an interesting job. Despite the various directionsContinue reading “Excessive Imagination”

Enjoying Your Difference

In a world that can seem standardized with a common way for all; the greatest challenge to face can be finding enjoyment in your difference. What is a difference? I believe that a personal difference can be a unique trait that a person possesses that is expressed along their journey of life. I have learnedContinue reading “Enjoying Your Difference”