Have Personal Care to be Able to Share

“Without the care of a strong foundation; there will be no room to give others consideration.” -Astrid Hardjana-Large We will all have our moments when we wish to express our care for others but when we forget to maintain care for our own person, we will lose our ability to share our care. This isContinue reading “Have Personal Care to be Able to Share”


What is challenge and how may an individual interpret its purpose? A challenge is an occurrence in life that tests a person’s ability and integrity. It serves as a motivation for discovery. When encountered by a challenge, a person will feel precarious in the moment but respect for the situation could awaken mysterious prospects toContinue reading “Challenge”

We are each Distinct with Personal Instincts

“We all have a set of personal instincts; to each and every one of us it is quite distinct.” – Astrid Hardjana-Large We are all born as unique individuals on a journey to discover our life. We all begin with years filled with lessons and discoveries to facilitate our conception of the person we areContinue reading “We are each Distinct with Personal Instincts”


What is transformation and how does assist an individual’s maturation? Transformation is a process of development. It is a method for learning and a motivation for any person willing to embark on the adventure of self-discovery. A transformation always entails an advancement with plausible opportunities. To accept a transformation is to adhere to a trailContinue reading “Transformation”