What does it mean to be together and how does it increase the tangibility of a relationship? For an individual or an assortment of individuals, to be together is to be unified mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Togetherness increases the tangibility of a relationship because a firm comprehension is established when we are wholeContinue reading “Together”

To Reach Your Excellence

Even after you have learned the virtue The lesson always comes back to haunt you Life will verify that you know your way Experiment and evaluate you every day   A personal value that you will possess Holding the potential for success Embrace it as an exclusive essence Apprehend it to reach your excellence

The Greatest Obstacle of Living with Epilepsy

When a person is living with Epilepsy within their life, the hardest challenge to accept will not be the type of seizures that they have or the frequency that they have them. The greatest obstacle to face when living with Epilepsy is the inconsistency that a seizure disorder will bring into a life. The inconsistencyContinue reading “The Greatest Obstacle of Living with Epilepsy”