All within what you decide

Within the times that hardships reside Many emotions will come to collide To which challenge do we wish to abide?   Choose what you wish to be a part of your pride Have it be a part of your person because you tried It will all be within what you decide   Within the timesContinue reading “All within what you decide”

When Our Body Prevents

There are times when our body prevents But the mind and spirit doesn’t want to relent There will be times when we just want to let go But we keep going to know what life has to show   With each new step that we choose to take A new gift for our person weContinue reading “When Our Body Prevents”

A Disability Will Not Get in my Way

I always get a stare Travelling in my wheelchair They show a lot of wonder I seem to make them ponder A woman with a disability Filled with positivity At a young age, getting a stroke How is it that she has not broke? I still wish to keep on going Have my positivity showingContinue reading “A Disability Will Not Get in my Way”

Dealing with Negative Reactions

I have found that the main thing to do when faced with a negative reaction is to remember that the other person is not who you are. Every person has a different way of reacting to their situation and it is possible their reaction has nothing to do with you. Every person is a completelyContinue reading “Dealing with Negative Reactions”