Honest Self-Recognition

To maximize your actions while downgrading another person is not an honest way of admitting your person. It is a way of being caught within your emotions and not recognizing the lies you have created for your person. Concentration upon your successes while neglecting the realities of life will never assist to bring you fartherContinue reading “Honest Self-Recognition”

Assist by Resisting

“In many ways we wish to assist; but, sometimes, we just have to resist.” -Astrid Hardjana-Large Within the many experience in life, we will have moments when we wish to help another person to reach their excellence but we have to realize that the best way to be a help is by stepping back andContinue reading “Assist by Resisting”

Act with Love

“Act with love within your expression; it will always leave a warm and lasting impression.” – Astrid Hardjana-Large There are many ways for a person to react and the most accepted reaction that leaves a lasting impression is an expression filled with love. This is very true for all that we meet. I recall theContinue reading “Act with Love”