It’s the Thought That Counts

It’s the thought that counts The intentions that matter We cannot make predictions On the ways that will flatter   Good and positive The best ways for one to lead Even in times of errors Try to use it as a seed   Many things happen That can cause us confusions We may become defensiveContinue reading “It’s the Thought That Counts”

Between a Child and Mother

Love is an affection That we share with another Often an affection shared Between a child and mother As a mother’s love is shared It is shared in many ways Discipline and life lessons To stick to in every day There are times when Mom’s disliked Met with misunderstanding Fondness of her disappears But loveContinue reading “Between a Child and Mother”

Communication Can Be a Gift

Communication can be a gift To inform, educate and even prevent Reactions can be a big surprise Often causing unwanted worries to relent It is good to share your person To be open and honest Openness of your character A key to put worries to rest We are all here for a reason Even ifContinue reading “Communication Can Be a Gift”

She is Still Growing

Try to remember It’s not directed straight at you It is just something that happens Because life for her is new She is still growing And learning the ways for a life She’s not always sure or ready Actions can be unsteady Remain forgiving As you watch her many actions You’ll have different emotions KeepContinue reading “She is Still Growing”