Letting Go

It was eight years ago today that I embarked on new beginnings and self-discovery. I’m happy to no longer be haunted by death and to have recognized more depth to life. I am now comfortable to be with the one person who will always be with me and deserves my unconditional love and appreciation, myself.

To accept myself, there were a lot of memories and emotions to walk through. Letting go isn’t about discarding the past, it’s about exploring the past to recognize what was previously overlooked. 

Life often overwhelms us with its many twists and turns and needing to focus in the moment gives reason to overlook what is right in front of us. Sometimes, judgements are made with the intention to keep us on track but the small roads that also assist are forgotten. In revisiting the small roads in our lives, we have the opportunity to see ourselves on a deeper level while realizing that the big roads travelled may not be meant for us.

Letting go

Recognize small details

Reflect on how what happened served you

Accept all as success of your development

The truth brings peace for continuance

Happiness with yourself

Living on

Published by Astrid's Words

Astrid Hardjana-Large is an inspirational author who enjoys Life and adversity. She is motivated to share her inspiration from Life experiences and encourages readers to persevere on the journey of Life.

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