Persistent Hard Work

Natalie joined a political party to get educated and involved in community issues. Society made politics sound like the only way to make a difference and she wanted to know if this was true.

The party Natalie joined was fairly new and were working hard to get known in their community. The members worked hard, were diligent in sticking to policies and began depending on their party’s reputation to grow.

As an election drew near, the party members grew heavy-hearted with the lack of interest and support they received. They resorted to following the party’s ways without adding any local issues to their campaign and were met with failure.

After the election, Natalie withdrew from the party and reflected on what happened. How did they expect to gather supporters without working in the riding? How are signs and petitions enough without interaction for the community to witness? Striving without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.

Natalie concluded that politics without genuine action didn’t make a difference. Persistent hard work is necessary to evolve with changes.

Inspired by “Striving without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.” -David Bly

Published by Astrid's Words

Astrid Hardjana-Large is an inspirational author who enjoys Life and adversity. She is motivated to share her inspiration from Life experiences and encourages readers to persevere on the journey of Life.

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