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Unite by acting with kindness,
Aim for universal happiness.
Make use of the power of Love,
Make no other below or above.
Take time to recognize the likeness,
Appreciate each uniqueness.
By acting with kindness.

The power of Love covers a vastness
A foundation when push comes to shove
Offers freedom to fly like a dove
Obtain the key to wellness
By acting with kindness.

There are a variety of experiences that Life provides, sometimes serene and sometimes a mess. Whatever it triggers us to feel, we can remain united by acting with kindness. It serves the greater good, not just ourselves and it places no other above or below. There are times when we must search for the likeness to appreciate what is and it's done by acting with kindness.
Choosing love covers many distances and it's what we can return to when life gets tough. It liberates the mind from limiting roles, a key to wellness when we're open to explore.
Let's unite and feel free to accept and be equal with all, let's do it together by acting with kindness.