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Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

Solitude is described as the state of being or living alone. This definition creates the image of seeing no other human or animal around us when we need to get to know our person, but living in a crowded, fast-paced environment, solitude is required, even in the center of chaos.
Solitude, to me, is about making space for oneself. There will always be times when the external world overwhelms and a reconnection to who we are is necessary. Chaos quiets and is manageable when we are certain of our root intentions.
To deal with what we’re given, we must make time to relinquish our external attachments and care for our inner self, the foundation of who we are. Without this effort to look and listen within, we're working for others and handing our control away.
Despite the turmoil of life -which is unavoidable- it's possible to place yourself first and find peace in any environment you’re in. Be one with yourself, appreciate all life offers and peace will be achieved.

Center of chaos
Make a space to look within
Peace in solitude