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What to think when diagnosed with illness?
The end-goal wanted is recovery.
No one feels ready for the adventure,
Not certain they can last the whole journey.
Along the way, they face uncertainty,
Gather courage to make discovery.

Each new venture offers discovery.
Throughout, it feels like a mental illness,
Body and soul plagued with uncertainty.
Little hope is felt for recovery,
They anticipate a long, hard journey,
Very little room to feel adventure

 It's hard to accept all as adventure,
Always open to new discoveries.
It takes lots to persevere the journey,
Move beyond the conception of illness.
Every progress is a recovery,
Achieved amidst all the uncertainty.

Admit not-knowing in uncertainty,
Remain curious to the adventure.
It's not only about recovery,
It's also about self-discovery.
Don't be consumed by what's labeled illness,
Every new day is part of the journey.

It's not what we thought, accepting journey.
Plans don't take away the uncertainty,
Mishaps along the way feel like illness.
-Spices intended for adventure-
There will be much for your discovery,
When complete, you'll make a recovery.

Keep success in sight for recovery,
Make it your chosen dream for the journey.
When off-track, time for new discovery,
Don't be daunted by the uncertainty.
It will remain as needed adventure,
Progress to move you away from illness.

Through recovery, there's uncertainty
Every journey is a grand adventure
What is illness for your discovery?