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What is a race? The definition of race in the dictionary is that it is a contest of speed, a competition, especially to achieve superiority.

Why do we label different cultures as races? I feel that calling it a human race triggers a separation that encourages us to compete against each other to determine who is superior. Sometimes, we enter the race not knowing what to compete with, and that leaves us feeling defensive, uncertain, and scared. With those feelings haunting us, we tend to grapple for reasons to defend ourselves and lose sight of why we are feeling what we feel and how our reactions are affected by what we feel around us.

When I encounter another person and feel their defenses, I tend to also set up defenses subconsciously and close myself to what is presented. Because I haven’t explored my reaction and lack understanding, I feel guilty and start creating theories for why I reacted, and in intellectualizing it, I close myself to what is in front of me to experience.

As the world opens up to deal with racism, I’ve been curious to understand history and I wish to see humanity move forward and away from the race. It’s hard to open myself to the matter and not fall into what I thought was, but something calls me to face it and I believe facing it will contribute to unity.