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For the month of September, I’ve chosen the contrast of calmness and turbulence as the theme for the month.

To me, I find that calmness and turbulence are perceived as opposing forces when in actuality they are hardworking forces that combines to make a whole. I used to desire the calm force thinking it would be safe and ended up in turbulence instead for wanting it too greatly. After the whole experience passed by, I realized how much I gained in the turbulence and how much more capable I felt. Since most of my life was lived with the uncertainty that Epilepsy gifted me, I grew to desire daring adventures to feel alive and grow. I find calmness is mostly necessary when dealing with other people, but, on my own, turbulent situations are opportunities to grow. The moment needs to be chaotic and charged for me to make a new discovery.

Be calm when facing turbulence to accept the spice for your recipe. Open yourself to enjoy the turbulent energy so you will enjoy the treasures when all is calm. Change is always on the way, whether you want to know it or not. Embrace your opportunities and you will always be safe riding the storm. Happy Adventuring, everyone!