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Whenever the issues of personal goals and following your heart arise, I find people have a need to address doubt. The commentary I tend to hear are: What if I’m not good enough? What if it’s not accepted? How will others view it?

I’ve realized that my doubts arise when I let expectations go astray. When I anticipate the thoughts of others or the results of something I haven’t done, expectation of results interfere with my focus and awareness of my loss of focus leads me to doubt. Expectation of things that are not yet here and are out of my control elevate feelings of inability, enforcing my doubts.

My favorite way of dealing with doubt is to stop and admit that I don’t know. When I’ve accepted not-knowing, my journey becomes an adventure to learn something new. Sometimes, the new lesson is finding a new way to do something or dealing with reactions, my own and others alike.

When in doubt, don’t concentrate on growing it. Accept where you are, open yourself to what’s new and embrace growth. We are never wrong in choosing to move forward and grow. Doubt isn’t to be feared, embrace it to discover more!