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Beyond the darkness,
There is a light
Though, currently,
It's out of sight

Into the unknown,
To find what is 
Tread carefully
Love the abyss

Expand horizons
To capture more
Embrace it all
Go and explore

Appreciate all
And you'll unite
Accept darkness
Balance the light

As life changes, darkness is again near. This, too, shall pass to bring new light, though at this moment, it's out of sight. We must go carefully to capture what is and take time to appreciate the infinite possibilities.
Expanding our horizon brings more to our sight. Accept what comes, be open to explore. Appreciate all, as it comes one by one, make a union to connect with all. Accept darkness, don't turn away, for it will help to balance your light.
All cannot always be bright, nor will all always be dark. Accepting and appreciating all will balance and unite us with Life.