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Don't tell a story that has just begun
It's purpose, not yet clear
It's beauty, not yet transparent
Wonder to discover keeps it mystical

Don't assume to know the direction of a tale
It's message, a whisper
It's reward, slowly forming
An experience in which to feel

Before my brain surgery and stroke, I didn't believe I was well enough to live. I hurried to publish a book of poetry before my departure, which never happened.
In my recovery, I was offered to tell my story. I was tempted until I realized that my story just began. I didn't know where it was going, what I wanted it to be or if I would recognize it. Since that opportunity, I've received many calls to help promote my book, but I haven't come to know my story today and can no longer recall where I was at that time. My experience taught me that it isn't right to tell a story without knowing and feeling it. I refuse to assume that I know my story until I experience it and I will do my best to refuse assumptions when hearing another's story. I'd rather stay open to feel and hear its true beauty.