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Imagine the peace when all life is calm
It'd be our longing when life's chaotic
Search for a place that's serene and quiet
To drown the chatter that has gotten loud
Concentrate to realign and be still
Nobody wants to have emotions stirred

Even when all is going well, life's stirred
And commotion makes distance with the calm
Everyone strives to make energy still
Only to make their thoughts more chaotic
Try as they may, there's no avoiding loud
With acceptance, they return to quiet

Life would be dull if it were always quiet
Everyone would be longing to get stirred
They may feel desperate and get real loud
Not knowing how to be silent or calm
Wild times call for them to be chaotic
Only release could get them to be still

How could anyone wish for life to be still?
Too much routine would make it all quiet
They'd need to search for something chaotic
To satisfy their passion and be stirred
They'd enjoy a moment fighting for calm
And only back out when it gets too loud

The spirit's call has it's time to be loud
Awaiting adventure before it's still
Feeling it's thrill will help it to get calm
Eventual return to the quiet
Don't fight it when your spirit has been stirred
Closed understanding makes it chaotic

Take a daring chance and be chaotic
Venture forth and test yourself being loud
Who knows what hidden treasures will be stirred
You will return to being yourself still
Remember to balance it with quiet
And you will succeed with an inner calm

Don't deny the chaotic being still
When it gets too loud, search for your quiet
Embrace being stirred to enter your calm.