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There’s the concept of perfection that people tend to chase but can never attain. It’s the concept of something being exactly as it should be, protected from change and possessing the power to end hardship. The destination to reach to achieve greatness.

I believe that perfection does occur, contributing to the cycle of life when required but never remaining because life doesn’t stop. To reach the brief moment of perfection, we strive to gather all necessary factors required and work hard to give our goal the balance it deserves. In all endeavors, balance is required to make it whole. Dark is required to appreciate the light, hardship is required to achieve easy, simplicity is combined to create something complex and the list goes on. 

I believe the greatest thing to accept about perfection is that it’s not meant to last a long time. No matter the strength of our desire or determination, Life is meant to evolve. Therefore, what is perfect today could be insufficient tomorrow and what is an accomplishment today could be a new project next week.

We are all human and we have the power to contribute to great things but we can’t control how or when it will happen. Our contribution is the energy required to make things true, but we must let go of our hold to let it shine through. I say we should aim for perfection because we care and, when we find our balance, accept the accomplishment as our share. There will always be more to pursue and change, and growth will always be true.

“Perfection is not a destination; it is a continuous journey that never ends.” -Brian Tracy