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Treat everything like it has individual spirit to respect Life always.

In my life, acceptance of hardship was easier when I started personifying everything. It started with my love for people and became my method to work with Life. I had epilepsy at that time, caused by a brain tumor. Because doctors weren’t experienced to deal with the area at that time, I had to accept my seizures. I started to talk to Tommy the Tumor whenever seizures were troublesome. My purpose was to get to know Tommy and eventually work with him so we could live together peacefully. Surprisingly, I ended up finding ways to distract him and argue less with him.

After my stroke, I named my left side Lily so I’d be less frustrated with her inability. I thought of her as a young child, became more forgiving and spoke to her for encouragement. Over time, I recognized her efforts in hardship and started complimenting her progress.

I’ve always been one to talk to myself a lot, often called crazy by the people around me and I’m happy I followed it through. Through personification, I respected all occurrences, always had a good focus and found peaceful ways to work with what I had. In everything I encounter, people, plants or situations, I look for a spiritual connection and accept it to walk alongside me in my life journey. I’m grateful to accept all that occurs, feel closer to Life’s force and know that I’m contributing to the world.

Speak aloud to all that comes your way and be mindful of the answers that appear, as they are often answers from within that you havenโ€™t been mindful of. Let yourself connect with the situation to respect its purpose intended for you.