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Inspired by: "Creativity doesn't wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones." -Bruce Garrabrandt

It inspires at no given time
It helps the plain to be amazing
In the arts, it's a producing enzyme
That keeps one's passion blazing
It's a craft to feel it with the soul
To understand it and make an effect
It takes time to make it whole
Creativity doesn't wait for perfect

Needed in times that are fun and confusing
To open new paths to explore
A small gift that could be amusing
And prove something you didn't know before
Open yourself to embrace the gift
Don't be haste to judge it as a defect
It's wonder will give spirits a lift
Creativity doesn't wait for perfect.

I find creativity is interesting to work with. It inspires when it wants and helps the ordinary transform into greater things. I consider it a producing enzyme that keeps my passion going. It's a craft to hear the inspiration and it takes time to connect with it and make it complete. Creativity doesn't wait for the perfect moment.
Creativity is required in times that are fun and confusing, as it offers new options to explore. A dose of creativity helps make the journey more amusing and can prove something not thought of before. We must be open to the gift and not haste to judge. The power of creativity lifts spirits and never waits for the perfect moment to inspire.