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I remember learning that if I wanted to be decisive and appear like I knew what I was doing, I should avoid entertaining the what-ifs. To me, this made them a negativity that threatened my focus but what if it’s simply meant for more perspectives? Over time, when I couldn’t do much but think, what-if became a positive exercise to widen my viewpoints.

As long as I stayed true to my reality, what-if let me explore situations I couldn’t be a part of and get to know what I’d do if I were there. I could react as my person or I could react as another. I was free to explore all options without disrupting what was and get to know the role I’d want to play. Who says that you must be in the situation to know what you’d do? The imagination liberates you to try all and learn on the side.

I’ve enjoyed exploring life beyond my means, and as long as I stick with positivity, every what-if is teaching me, helping me believe and entertaining me. I may not need what I explore now, but, should the time arrive, I will be ready! There’s always a way to experience life, even if you can’t be in it now.

Explore what-ifs when you’re searching for solutions or need an alternate scenario to be creative. You never know what solutions you’ll come up with and how much more you’ll get to know yourself. What if you were me and I was you? What do you think you’d want to do?